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02. Debt and Mortgages

Debt Relief and Collection Defense

What can you do when you are overwhelmed with your debt and getting harassed by debt collectors?  Can legal advice help you improve your credit score?

If debt collectors are harassing you, we can review these communications and make sure they comply with all state and federal laws that regulate collectors. If anyone has broken the law, we can help by filing a lawsuit against them to stop the illegal collection activities. 


If you are being sued by creditors or debt collectors, we can review the lawsuit with you and discuss your available defenses and strategies for dealing with the lawsuit. We can represent you in these cases and protect your rights.


If you are interested in debt settlement to resolve your outstanding debts or need help with a garnishment, we can help you settle with your creditors. We can teach you how to settle your debts, or help you by negotiating on your behalf. 

Don't take advantage of poor people just because they are poor. Don't beat down those who are in need by taking them to court.
The Lord will stand up for them in court. He will take back the stolen goods from those who have robbed them. 

- Proverbs 22 : 22 - 23
Mortgage Protection

Having your home in jeopardy because the mortgage company has made an error is very frightening. There are ways to hold the mortgage company accountable and get your loan back on track, whether they failed to credit a payment that you made, are returning your payments to you for no reason, or are treating you unfairly in any other way. We have experience resolving these issues through informal disputes, filing lawsuits against the mortgage company, or in extreme circumstances, filing a bankruptcy.

Missouri is a "non-judicial foreclosure" state, which means that banks don't have to go through the courts to sell your house out from under you if they say you're behind on the mortgage.  It's important not to wait for that to happen, as your rights are very limited once it does.  At the point where the bank first threatens foreclosure, or even when they start to claim you've missed payments, is the best time to get help to set the record straight and save your home.  The earlier you call us to help, the more we’ll be able to do.


Your Next Step

Request a Price Quote

Reach out to us about the claims you're facing and let's discuss your resources for addressing them, your particular hurdles for getting them under control, and all the different ways we can help you take back control within your budget.

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