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Our Fees

We work with you while your case is pending to make sure your needs are met within your budget.  

We use several tools to make sure you have the help you need where it will make the most difference, even if you're working within a limited income.  We can usually offer you a choice between hourly rates and flat fees for the work you want us to do.

While no two cases are the same, here's what you can expect when starting your case.

Initial Consultation Except Family Law

For most matters we handle, we will provide a basic evaluation of your case based on publicly available information and information you provide.  While we cannot ever predict an outcome, we can help you understand the basic risks you're facing and the likely timeframe and cost you can expect given how you choose to pursue your case.

No Cost

Initial Consultation for Family Law

Especially in rural areas where your options for legal counsel are limited, some parties have adopted a tactic where they will talk about their matter with every lawyer in town before hiring an attorney, leaving their opponent unable to hire anyone without a conflict.  This unfair play has forced us to stop providing free consultations on family law cases, but we do roll the balance forward.

$250 applied to services

Minor Traffic Offense Services

For speeding, no insurance, passing, failure to yield, and similar tickets, we charge a flat attorney's fee in addition to the fine assessed.  In most jurisdictions, we can work out an amendment with the prosecutor to reduce or eliminate the points assessed, which can save your license and reduce any increase in your insurance rates.  For other traffic-related cases, such as driving while revoked, driving while intoxicated, or license reinstatement, higher rates apply.  Contact us for a free consultation.

$150 attorney fee for most

minor traffic violations

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