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Healing Lives in Western Missouri

We started as a small team on a mission to protect debtors from harassment by some of the largest banking corporations in the world. 

Along the way, we've beaten many modern-day Goliaths. 

We've grown from one attorney, Jovanna, to three as Joe went to law school and Zac joined the fight from Kansas City.

Our mission has expanded since Joe and Zac now both take on criminal justice and family law matters. 

Bearden Law

Our Vision

Our clients often tell us that we take a different approach than other attorneys they have dealt with.

Our focus is less on what happens in court and more on making sure that the overall outcome is best for our clients.  It is less important that we put a tally in our win column than it is that our clients come away with a better life.  We like to do things the right way and we prefer to help our clients tackle their problems, too.  That might mean learning to work together with a co-parent, addressing addiction issues, or resolving ongoing budget problems.  We avoid extra, expensive legal actions when the underlying problem can be addressed instead. 

That's not a good fit for every client, but those willing to do their part to fix a tough situation often find the other side will follow their example.  Where that's not the case, we've found that our judges tend to honor our clients' hard work, leaving us in a better position for a trial on the merits.  We take the high ground then fight from the stronger position. 


Caring about our clients and their situations is the key to lasting, positive results.


Jovanna Bearden

Consumer Rights

Jovanna Bearden concentrates her practice in the areas of Fair Debt Collections Practices violations, mortgage disputes, and manages our office. She worked with Consumer Law Center, Inc. from March 2006 through November 2007.  Mrs. Bearden, then Miss Longo, then opened her own practice, Longo Law Firm, in St. Louis and worked with the Skelton Law Firm to assist individuals with debt relief and collection harassment.  In 2012, she moved her firm to western Missouri.  In 2017, she partnered with Joe to create Bearden Law.

Mrs. Bearden has worked with hundreds of consumers on cases regarding collection harassment and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act claims, usually finding amicable resolutions via settlement.  These cases include appeals to the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, the California Court of Appeals for the 6th Appellate District, and the Court of Appeals for Eastern Missouri. 


( Balzac)


Goal 01.

Fix the Problem

It may seem obvious, but our preference is to treat the disease, not just the symptom.  Just as it's tempting to take a pain pill instead of healing the cause of the pain, it can be tempting to work only on the legal case instead of healing the underlying issues.  We have to take care of the immediate problem together, but it's just as important to look to the future.

Whether that's dealing with an addiction, establishing healthy boundaries, or mastering how to recognize and avoid predatory creditors, we want to help people not become repeat customers once we've together resolved the issues they bring us. 


Someone else will always need our help.

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