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Whether the State is coming after you with criminal charges, banks or debt collectors are harassing you, or your family's circumstances are changing, we are here to help find a clear way through. 


Criminal Justice

State charges bring a brutal reality whether you are guilty or innocent.  Carefully manage a potential conviction and you can temper a lifetime of consequences.

 Call on us to help you understand your situation, evaluate your risks, and uncover your best options as you move toward resolution.


Debt and Mortgages

Accounting errors and deceptive practices can ruin your life.  The system is stacked in favor of the financial institutions.

Call on us when you need someone who understands how to hold lenders and debt buyes accountable.


Family Law

Changing family circumstances can present difficult and confusing challenges.  Expert help can moderate legal and social stresses.

Call on us to help strike a balance between setting clear and robust personal and legal boundaries while respecting and reinforcing evolving, continuing relationships.

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