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Bankruptcy 341 Meetings to remain virtual

"Back in my day! When you had a 341 meeting you had to go to the courthouse in person. You had to go through security, wait in a freezing room with lots of people, and it took forever. It was a nightmare to find parking and you had to drive an hour just to get there!"

Good news, everybody! The Justice Department has announced that bankruptcy 341 meetings are going to stay virtual! Check out the announcement here. While meetings are being conducted telephonically and by video now, they will tranisition to Zoom meetings in the future and new rules will be issued to make these meetings more efficient.

Also, the Justice department has said that if a case needs to be held in person they will still allow for that at a continued hearing. So it's possible that you'll have to go to an in person meeting for a particularly complicated case, but for the most part enjoy your now virtual 341 meetings!

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