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I’ve been sued, can I still wipe the debt out in Bankruptcy?

People are often worried that when a creditor sues them it’s too late for bankruptcy to help. Don’t worry, it’s not too late - you still have options!

The filing of a lawsuit against you does not affect whether you qualify for bankruptcy. In fact, filing a bankruptcy will stop a lawsuit from moving forward because of a law called the Automatic Stay.

If a judgment has already been entered against you, a bankruptcy can still help. An experienced bankruptcy attorney will determine which type of bankruptcy is going to help you with the judgment. Whether that’s a chapter 13 to pay the debt off over time or a chapter 7 to wipe it out. If you have a judgment lien against your real estate a bankruptcy can help you remove that lien so you don’t have to pay the debt back.

Bankruptcy is a tool that lets you stop lawsuits from turning into judgments, remove judgment liens from property, and wipe out judgments with or without payment depending on the type of bankruptcy that is best for you. Don’t let a lawsuit being filed against you stop you from getting help. Meet with a bankruptcy attorney and learn your options. Bearden Law offers free consultations so people always have the information they need to make the best decision for their situation.

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